Supermarket Rack ( Wall Side Rack / DisplayRack )

Specification/Additional Details

  • Mild Steel
  • 5 Shelves
  • Powder Coated
  • White/Variable
  • 36”W X 72”H X 12″D
Introducing Modura Supermarket Rack:
Change your buying experience to suit the Modura Supermarket Rack , which is meant to make things easy for you as well as better looking in any supermarket or outlet. Built with a high degree of accuracy and with an eye to quality, it can be easily put in places of your store, together with the best use of the space and the convenience for both the customers and the employees.
Supermarket rack

Key Features:

Premium Quality Construction:

The wall shelf is constructed by the strongest materials to ensure a long life even the entire structure can bear the stress and constant reaching at the goods it holds.

Space Optimization:

The maximum use of shelves space with optionally design functions will help to make your supermarket space efficient with this neat rack sheet. placing this rack allows for full integration of the wall with the neat rack profile space.
Versatile Shelving Options:

We have designed the Modura Wall Display Racks to be creative in terms of displaying whatever you may have, including packed items or freshly-harvested ones. The pany comprising of the adjustable shelves is the kind that has been designed to help you have a clean organized and changeable pantry content readily available because you have the option to rig it with things you need as you need.

Enhanced Visibility:

Modura Media Wall offers a perfect blend of face level advertisement which not only brings eyes but also locates your business at foot-traffic directions. The shop has a vast wide open format with a halogen and LED lighting ran along the shelves. Not only is this very attractive, but it also invites the clients to have a quick look at what the shop has to offer.

Modern Aesthetics:supermarket rack

Proudly feature the Modura, the styely shoe that promises boldness among c cooperative people, at your store. The attractively clean, simple, and elegant design with its minimalist appearance will be easily adaptable in any setting; consequently, your customers will be thrilled to go shopping in the revamped spot.

Easy Installation:

The Modura Wall Display Rack is a product that hangs on the wall by itself and comes with everything you need for fast installation, since setting it up is quite easy, with all the hardware included in the installation package.

Durable Finish:

The rack is made of a scratch-resistant material making it wear the same sparkle with youthfulness since it catches the eyes of numerous people using it. This thing becoming simple to maintain and given much maintenance to continue its beauty is a good position.