Supermarket End Rack

  • Brand Name : Modura
  • Item Name   : Supermarket End Rack
  • Size                : 36″W x 18″D x 60″H
  • Color             : Multicolor
  • Top Finish   : Powder Coated

Change the supermarket ainas ends into dreamy shopping destinations using our supermarket end rack. This lighting fixture is made to target a specific place in the store for a better view of your products, an increase of sales, and improved shopping experience for your customers in general.

Through energetic thinking, our End Rack is made with durability in mind where with and withstading the toughest retail conditions of all. Its made from high-tech materials, and this guarantees its longevity. This attributed to its sturdy design, that brings reliability in making you proudly present all the product varieties.

Equipped with space-saving design, our End Rack will add additional valuable space, and no longer would be the underutilised endcap spaces in supermarket aisles. its short size fits to present exciting impulse buys, seasonal merchandise or occasional sales in the high sales potential places, thus increase the sale.
modura supermarket end racks

Flexible shelving installs with adjustability and a modifiable setup of The End Rack brand enable you to fine tune the display and properly present your specific product range. Shoppers tend to get interested only by the things which are unique and trendy. One way or another, you can create an eye-catching display on our racks that are, at the same time, flexible to present various categories e.g. new arrivals, best-sellers, or special offers.

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