Pharmacy Full Display Rack

  • Brand Name : Modura
  • Item Name   : Supermarket Gondula Rack
  • Size                : 36″W x 84″H x 15″& 12″D
  • Color             : Multicolor
  • Top Finish   : Powder Coated
  • customization : Yes
  • No. Of. Drawer: 08
  • Glass Type:      Front Window Slider
We Introduce Pharmacy Full Display Rack, the superbly designed to meet all the criteria necessary for displaying of medical products in the pharmacy. This all-inclusive fixture, a perfect combination of style and functionality, is built to fit all the pharmacy requirements including the most modernized outlets.

This Durable four pillar Full Display Rack is manufactured using top of the line sturdy components to guarantee excellent performance in the pharmacy environment which is known to be demanding. The product’s solid construction is strong enough for balance and to consistently provide a stable base to display a mixture of pharmaceuticals, health supplements, and personal care items.

Our rack accommodates many shelves and compartments which are well enough for product display and easy to access; as a result order and management of your products in the pharmacy’s product assortment, will be done effectively. The adjustable shelves adjustability is an added advantage in choosing products of various sizes and shapes while getting maximum space utilization.

A rack display that is tribal in functionality has been designed for this purpose, which involves simple intuitive features such as clear signage, labels, and various products categories in it. Such a design helps customers easily follow their way and select any product. This enriches the shopping experience through which customers are easily able to pin-point what they desire, thus achieving it promptly and proficiently.

Our Full Display Rack has not only its functionality in its pocket, but also a very straightforward design that goes with any pharmacy space you can think of. The large range of cabinets has got a clean and contemporary look that adds a professional touch to your pharmacy layout prospects, which puts your customers in a good mood as they know the place, which puts your image.

Enhance your pharmacy’s retail displays and boost the itemized pharmaceuticals visualization with our incredibly versatile Full Display Rack. Opportunity soars upwards to admission, high efficiency of operation, and greater certainty of customers success as prime parts of the newly developed equipment that count among the most critically needed in modern pharmacies.

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